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Paphos Airport Transfer

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Paphos Airport Transfer

Paphos Airport Transfer

Paphos is a city in the coast of the Mediterranean sea. Paphos Airport is 13 km away from the city center and about 20 minutes by Paphos Airport transfers. It was the capital city of Cyprus in the Hellenistic Period. According to a common belief,


Paphos name comes from the daughter of Aphrodite and the King Pygmalion. Because of this, Paphos is an adoration point for Aphrodite. There are some people who believe that Paphos was one of the other mythologic gods or kings’ daughter or son. 


Paphos has the subtropical Mediterranean climate. Therefore, the best time to visit is summer months. Paphos town is on the list of the World's heritage, and its all ancient areas are protected by UNESCO.



Paphos Castle in the harbor. It was built to guard the harbor. The castle was rebuilt by Lusignans as a result of almost all collapsed in an earthquake. After that, it was destroyed by Venetians and the Ottoman Empire restored it again when they occupy the island.


The castle used for several different purposes like a fortress, a prison, and even a warehouse. It has become a symbol of Paphos today. Also, it is the background of Paphos Aphrodite Festival on september. It is an opera festival and one of the biggest event of Paphos.


And, Agia Paraskevi Church is an important example of Byzantine architecture. It was built in 9th century AC. Local people wanted to make it a temple dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite but it was not allowed by the government.


Adonis Bath Waterfalls is one of the most amazing places of the islands with its breathtaking nature. It is believed to protect the beauty of women and the strength of men. Also, if vicious women come and swim in the waterfall, they will have children.


Because it is the place that Aphrodite and Adonis spent most of their time together and they had many children. Even, Adonis died here in the arms of Aphrodite because of a wild boar attack. Adonis Bath is located near the Coral Bay, 12 km away from Paphos. Many tourists prefer to reach using the Tala path.


Aphrodite Hills is a resort which is only 2 km away from Aphrodite's Rock. The town has a market, souvenir shops, restaurants, an art gallery, a spa, golf course, and enjoyable activities. It is one of the most beautiful and hospitable resorts to stay in Paphos. It is 25 minutes from the city center with Paphos Airport transfer services.



Pissouris is a small town and usually rainy in the winter time. Its two main income sources are agriculture and tourism. So, it is one of the best and most restful tourism centers in the island.


The weather is warm and dry in the summer time and it is the best visiting time. It is a very resting place. If you stay here, you will feel like you went to heaven for holiday. You can reach this relaxing vacation in half an hour by Paphos Airport transfer services.


Chloraka village has golden beaches, the clean water, and an amazing view. There are several churches, chapels, and a museum which is St. George Museum. Also, It is a neighbour of Lempa village. Greeks were well-informed about farming.


Therefore, they built the houses on the rocks in order to not destroy the farming area. And, it ensured to protect their farms from pirates. Later on, it had to been enlarged to plains because of population increase. The village is about 22 km away from Paphos Airport and reaching takes around 25 minutes by Paphos Airport transfers.



There are two other ports near to Paphos. Limassol and Latchi. Limassol is one of the biggest cities in the island and an important harbor. Also, it gives the name to Limassol Bay. There is Limassol Salt Lake which is the largest lake in Cyprus.


Limassol has nice beaches, ancient places, and several festivals. It is about 60 km away from Paphos. Limassol is located in the middle of Paphos and Larnaca Airports so, you can also use Larnaca Airport to reach Limassol. It is about 45 minutes away from Larnaca Airport. And,


Latchi is a small fishing town and a part of the Polis. But it has the perfect water sports place in Cyprus and probably the best one. There are tavernas, you can eat fresh fish in these tavernas and also you can catch your own fish on the port. It takes around 45 minutes from Paphos by Paphos Airport transfers.


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