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Cairo Airport Transfer

Cairo Airport

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt known as El Kahire, the biggest city in Africa. El Kahire means victor, dominant in Arabic. It has the same name for 1300 years. Cairo is a modern city with a lot of university, college, museum, and temples.


The Government of Egypt, parliament, ministries and most of the consulates are in Cairo. Cairo Airport is 22 km away from the city center, 25 minutes by Cairo Airport Transfers.


The city started to develop in 641 with the conquest of Muslims and it became an important trade center of this area thanks to Spice Road until geographical discoveries. The most visited places by tourists are the Cairo Museum, the Pyramids of Giza and The Nile.



Also, if you want to use other international airports in Egypt like Alexandria Airport, Hurghada Airport, Sharm El Sheikh Airport, Luxor Airport, Marsa Alam Airport or Aswan Airport instead of Cairo Airport, we have airport transfers from all these airports.


Cairo Museum has the richest Ancient Egypt and Pharaoh's belongings collection, over 120,000 objects are exhibited with tombs and mummies of many Pharaoh. The Museum is located in Tahrir Square.


There are Pyramids of Mikerinos, Kefren, and Keops known as Pyramids of Giza are in the Giza region. The biggest one is the Pyramid of Keops. It is the biggest and oldest pyramid in Egypt, one of 7 Wonders of the World. It is built for the memorial tomb of Pharaoh Khufu.


It is believed that complated about 20 years. Sphinx is an artifact which is its head is like Pharaoh Kefren's head and its body is like a lion body and facing The Nile.


The Nile River is the longest river in the World. There are boat trips on The Nile and they start to fancy trips in the evenings. Nilometer, the device that calculates the tide of the Nile River, is on Roda Island of The Nile. There is Monastery Palace includes a museum that is dedicated to Ümmü Gülsüm on the island and this palace was built by the Ottoman Empire.


Old Cairo is located on the south side of the city center. The region has been in UNESCO’s the World heritage list since 1979. There are many mosques, churches, and synagogues in this area. Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Church is in Old Cairo.


Coptic Museum has the richest Coptic Christianity collection of the World. It hosts over 15,000 objects. Ben-Ezra Synagogue and St. George Greek Orthodox Church are some of the attractions.



Han El-Halili Bazaar is an important bazaar in Cairo, near Tahrir Square. It shows the impacts of Islamic architecture. There are various products like gold, silver, spices, clothes, and souvenirs. It is mostly mixed, only gold and spices parts are split.


El-Azhar Mosque is opened in 972 and became a school in 989. The name means magnificent in Arabic. It formed the foundation of El-Azhar University. El-Ezher University is the second oldest university in the World. It is one of the most attractive places in Cairo. Also, Cairo Castle is another attractive place in Cairo.


There is a vibrant nightlife contrary to belief. Bars of many hotels are open 24 hours a day except forbidden areas. The oriental show has an important place in the nightlife of Cairo. Also, people go to ahwas to drink coffee and smoke shisha with their family.


There are Spring Festival on April, Cairo Oriental Dance Festival on June, Cairo International Music Festival on August, and Cairo International Experimental Theatre Festival on October.


Also, there are other destinations. 6th October city is a town in the urban area of Cairo, 32 km away from the city. It is a satellite town and hosts many students from different countries. The name comes from the October War and Egypt's Armed Forces Day. El Minia is a city, 250 km away from Cairo.



The Gospel of Judas is in this city and almost the half population of the city is Coptic Christian. Ismailia is a city in the coast of Suez Channel. Also, it is the control center of the Suez Channel. Ismailia is a tourism point for Egyptian but not sufficiently developed for international tourism.


You can reach from Cairo in 90 minutes by Cairo Airport transfers. Marina El Alamein is located 300 km away from Cairo, the northern side of Egypt. It has 11 km long beautiful beaches. Reaching Marina takes 4 hours from Cairo Airport by Cairo Airport Transfers.


Marsa Matruh is another touristic point, 524 km away from Cairo. It has beautiful beaches. Reaching Marsa Matruh is easier from Alexandria Airport but you can reach from Cairo Airport in about 4 hours.


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